The founding team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Carlos Barrera Reyes

Visual artist

Carlos Barrera Reyes, whose artist name is Carlos Reyes, was born in Mexico City. He graduated in business relations from the Ecole supérieure de Commerce et d'Administration de l'institut Polytechnique. He earned a specialization in marketing (strategy and branding) at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University. During his stay in New York, he collaborated in the promotion of Mexican art at the Mexican Cultural Institute, which belongs to the Mexican Consulate in New York. In 2006, he returned to Mexico to continue his training at the former San Carlos Academy, then to obtain a postgraduate degree in Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in the field of urban art. In 2008, he joined the team of the General Directorate of Strategic Programs, Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, in the management, planning and organization of public exhibitions. At the same time, he produced the project of collaboration with the weavers of Chiapas. The project aims to promote and develop dyeing with natural dyes through workshops. In 2011, he was promoted to Deputy Director of Strategic Alliances at the Institute for the Promotion of Tourism, in order to promote Mexico City at the national and international level for tourism and culture. Interested and immersed in social projects in 2013, he decided to devote himself fully to his project in Chiapas, joining thirteen other groups in Los Altos (Chiapas) and five others in Oaxaca. In 2017, he was invited by the Na Bolom Museum to collaborate with its textile collection, Altos de Chiapas section for its rescue and dissemination. For this project, he is selected as a grant holder by FONCA as part of the program of promotion of projects and cultural conversions, number 34-2018. In 2020, he received a grant from the Friends of Popular Art, to continue with the workshops of natural dyes in Los Altos du Chiapas.

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Beatrice Consagra Bretton


Beatrice was born in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a master's degree in anthropology from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In order to deepen the study of cultural identity and gender economy through indigenous art, she conducted her master's research in 2017 in the Mayan communities of Cancuc and Nahá, both located in the state of Chiapas. During her studies, she worked at the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva (MEG), where she knows the Society of Friends of the Museum (SAMEG), for which she conceptualizes and organizes cultural events. In 2019, she worked for the Knowledge-Learning-Culture Division of the Swiss Department for Development and Cooperation (SDC) where she was responsible for conceptualising and conducting an extensive survey of Swiss external networks on projects in the field of culture and development.Committed to the struggle for the recognition of fundamental rights, she supported the NGO Incomindios, which focuses on the fight for the rights of indigenous peoples in the Americas, as well as the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva, where she co-produced a video on the illicit trafficking of cultural property.Currently, she works as a consultant for the Traditional Knowledge Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which is committed to protecting the knowledge of indigenous peoples around the world.
Since 2017, she has been documenting Carlos' social art project by directing short films. Today, she is responsible for carrying out audiovisual and cultural projects for ASMETI.

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