Exhibition 2021



Exhibition on indigenous textile art

The weaving of roots is an exhibition that aims, on the one hand, to highlight the diversity of the tangible and intangible heritage of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and, on the other hand, to raise awareness among genevan audiences about the future of this heritage and these populations.
Through the techniques of weaving on a loom with the strength of the belt(telar de cintura)and the dyeing of fibers with natural components, audiences will discover textiles produced by the weavers with whom ASMETI works.
By immersing themselves in the world of indigenous textile art, audiences will be able to understand the social, economic and cultural contexts of fabric production. The event will also be an opportunity for everyone to question their relationship with Nature and their consumption and production patterns.
In addition, a series of introductory dyeing workshops with plants from our regions are offered.
More information here.
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